European Talent Point

Sint-Jozef Humaniora Brugge is a Flemish secondary school where a broad spectrum of students are more than welcome in a warm spirit of diversity and inclusion. We try to create powerful learning environments for all of our students, but especially for the cognitively strong students, we have set up a broad set of interventions (differentiation, enrichment, pull-out ànd acceleration), which is called SJH+.

The interventions we propose are tailor made, and it is very important for us to interact and discuss in advance the goals and expectations from the students and the parents. The board and the teachers at school are trained to (re)think different possibilities and opportunities to offer the students the best possible facilities for cognitive growth. During these processes, the wellbeing of the students and the recognition of their educational needs are crucial. Profound evaluation is a crucial part in these qualitative learning processes.

In October 2020 we were selected by the Flemish Ministry of Education as one of the four Secondary Anchor Schools for gifted education.

From September 2021 on, we started with the rollout of a Learning Network, supervised by Project Talent (Leuven) and supported by the Flemish Ministry of Education.

We are ready to get in contact with other European schools and institutions throughout Europe, for all kinds of educational and scientific purposes concerning the needs for gifted students.